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"Then one by one each one of our wishes became horses,

And those of us who used to beg began to ride."

 ― Loose Change, Davic

Loose Change Poster.jpg

Hey Davic here,

To be candid, I have never been good at introductions. I find them tedious and awkward, but they are needed. How else do you know whom you are talking to, and how do you trust them? Despite my obvious dislike for this particular prolusion, I still intend to present myself to you.

So who is Davic? Well, first off, I won't mention my real name. I'm not hiding it. Most of you already know it; in this day and age, that information is painfully easy to find. Don't worry; I will still offer other essential information typically found in introductions. Information like this; I'm a 21yr old Psychology major who loves all (well almost all) things poetry, movie,s and T.V. shows... 

The world through my eyes.

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